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We're on record!

We would like to let you know that we have been given some money to spend on recording equipment.

We received £250 from Nanna and used that money on a recording box, a hard drive and some software. We also got £100 from Maggie and £100 from Rob and Janice Mercer. We used that money for microphones, a stand and a table.

We have recently used the equipment for the podcast, which we produce every month and they are on the REACCH website ( to listen to and to entertain your ear holes.

Furthermore, we used the equipment to record the Christmas Marketplace advert for family & friends to view. REACCH members helped to film and act.

Here is a quote from Andrew, one of the staff members who helps the students to produce the blog and teaches them how to use the equipment:

"The new recording equipment is fantastic, we are extremely grateful for the donations and glad to be able to start a new podcast and excited about future recording projects."

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