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REACCH Enterprises

REACCH Enterprises is an idea that developed from all those who participate in the REACCH Project. It grew from our shared idea that adults with autism can be very productive in the workplace and our belief that ‘working’ for as much of our income as possible is essential to everyone being valued.

We use the principle from the TEACCH approach, that each person with autism has key strengths, skills and sometimes interests which can be used. For those who start attending the REACCH Project and do not know what skills they have, we then trial a range of possibilities with them. This sometimes surprises a person and they find they have skills they did not know would be useful in the workplace.

Through this, we sell items we make. Currently, we sell these things twice a year at our family and friends open days. We now have a shop on site and we create commission pieces too.  We have also begun to place our goods in shops or cafes who are happy to do so, which mean our products are seen by a wider range of customers.


We hope to increase awareness within the local area and look forward to creating links with them too. 

The funds obtained go back into the student/trainee funds and this budget is managed by those who attend REACCH and decisions made and voted on by our participants. This provides the first steps towards earning possibilities and for some lead them towards employment in the area they are working in. For others, there is a real sense of pride in the work being produced and purchased.


We have many plans to develop our Enterprises work but for now please do look at more detailed examples of our enterprises work under products.  

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