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Frequently asked questions.

Getting a placement at the REACCH project 

1- What time of year do new placements or transition visits to trial happen?

Placements can become available at any time during the year depending on the referral request.


For example, if a young person already at REACCH transitions into work from REACCH, or if anyone moves away from the area, then a placement can become available during the year.


If an education placement is being sought, then placements are usually considered between April and July to start the following September.


2- How do I make an enquiry or reference?

Please fill in and email the enquiry referral form. Download Form


If email is difficult for you to access, then please text the REACCH mobile number (07855785503) giving your name and your mobile number and explain briefly that you wish to make a referral enquiry or find out information.

Someone will then get back to you and fix up a time to speak to you following this.

Please note referral and information requests are dealt with on Tuesdays when the programme is operating.



3- What if there are no placement vacancies at REACCH?

If there are no placement vacancies at REACCH, you will be told in a reply by email or text as quickly as possible.


 Everyone receives information relevant to their enquiry, as each request is considered a unique package request, which is dependent on a combination of variable factors. 


There may, for example, be more spaces in one age range at REACCH than another, there may be more spaces on a social care funded programme or on an education funded programme and spaces may also depend on the time of year and numbers.



4- What funding options are there for getting a placement at REACCH?

Young people and adults can currently be funded under education or social care direct payments depending on their age and their current needs. For further advice on how to get funding for a potential placement at REACCH please read the relevant section of the website by clicking HERE



5- How is each person's funding worked out?

Each person’s funding is unique to their needs depending on a set of clear criteria. These include;

  • staffing supervision level 

  • education staffing level 

  • course/qualification costings 

  • transition/attendance support

  • communication contact with the family or other agencies

  • offsite work experience support if required

  • generic safety equipment 


6- What catchment area do people attending REACCH come from?

Young people and adults on the autism spectrum can access REACCH from

  • West Devon

  • Plymouth 

  • East Cornwall


 Our reason for this catchment area is that too long a distance from our East Cornwall site can mean that the person cannot travel easily to us.


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