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Our vision is for a world where autism is understood and accepted by all members of society.

The mission of REACCH is to challenge the way autism is understood and perceived, both by those on the spectrum themselves and society more generally, by providing innovative training and services within the South West for those on the autism spectrum, their families and a wide range of professionals.

We promote a deep and unique understanding of autism by:

  • Uncovering the individual strengths and skills of each person

  • Understanding the way in which social communication and anxiety can block the emergence or effective use of often untapped knowledge and skills.

REACCH has its philosophical and practical roots in the TEACCH approach, using all that is meaningful in autism thinking such as structure, logic, detail and visual or kinaesthetic learning styles to overcome barriers to education, employment and lifelong opportunities.

REACCH aims to bust myths and misconceptions about autism as well as being brave and honest with young people and adults on the spectrum and those who support them, to provide a way to solve issues that arise from life events.


  • Deliver training and services in a humble and open-minded way

  • Create an uncluttered understanding of autism

  • Embrace humour and honest relationships

  • Build and maintain a family spirit

  • Value autism and the unique insights it can bring

  • Work together combining skills to make a difference

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