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Together again

It's 10 years since REACCH began in September 2012.

On June 18th we celebrated with REACCH members, families and friends.

We held a presentation in a marquee and afterwards there were refreshments.

It has been such a long time since our last open day. We were able to come together and celebrate the work of everyone who has been involved such as Mary, the staff, volunteers and students. There was a tea room serving refreshments. We also chose a tree to plant to celebrate each person's link with REACCH. There were items for sale in the Stable Workshop such as wood goods. The REACCH shop sold items such as furniture. There was a LEGO group and some attendees even met the goats. Everyone enjoyed the raffle which took place. There was entertainment by REACCH members doing short performances.

It was a wonderful day and a true celebration of all that REACCH has achieved. We hope it’s not another two and a half years before the next one.

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1 Comment

Cathy Grieve
Jul 06, 2022

Just to say the open day was so lovely. Wonderful to see everyone again after so long without open days. Loved seeing the goods for sale and placed some orders. The marquee was wonderful and much needed to save us all from the downpour. We'll done to everyone associated with REACCH for putting on such a wonderful day - I know how hard you all worked. The presentations were awesome - so much progress noted from so many students. Congratulations to all! Best wishes to all,

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