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The REACCH days of Christmas.

Our Christmas celebration was spread over two weeks, a group went to play football at a local astroturf and then to China Fleet leisure centre for a meal.

The next week there were lots of trips here and there for smaller groups, we went to coffee shops and cafes. A local coffee shop called the Koffi Lodge, The Dartmoor diner and Louis tea rooms.

Then, as a group, most of us went to Tamar View garden centre for a meal. It was lovely!

On the very last day of term, we exchanged secret Santa presents and played some games. We played guess the baby, some of us brought in photos of us as babies and everyone had to guess who it was (It was a lot of fun!). Afterwards, one group went to play Christmas bingo and the other half of us played "Would I lie to you?" we learnt a lot about each other!

A great time was had by all,

Happy new year everyone!

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