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Support for Ukraine

We did some fundraising to help Ukraine this week which is our last week before the Easter break.

Each day we have had activities lined up.

On Tuesday there was a raffle, ball throwing competition and planting sunflowers.

On Wednesday we have had events such as a Ukranian Quiz and pancakes to taste as made to a Ukranian recipe. We also did pancake games in pairs which was a lot of fun.

On Thursday we have an Easter Egg hunt and the Lego group will build the Ukrainian flag.

On Friday we will be listening to the National Anthem and having a 1 minute silence .

We will post a blog letting everyone know what money we raised at the end of this week.

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1 Comment

Cathy Grieve
May 12, 2022

I am very pleased to read all the comments about what you have been doing. I am so impressed that so many of you showed such a caring attitude toward your fellow human beings - regardless of race or creed- you just responded to the needs of the Ukrainian people. Well done to you all - a very big pat on the back.

I am excited to see the news about the Pygmy goats coming to live up at Roundabarrow. I personally know nothing about them except - a very funny memory when my own daughter Nicola was very young they had some of these goats at Trethorne. We took our picnic and sat at the picnic table thinking oh…

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