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NHS - What they've done with the money we raised.

Dear Grace,

I am emailing you to give an update on the money that was raised on behalf of the Derriford Autism Service through the Just Giving page by REACCH.

I apologise that I haven’t been in contact sooner.

The money has instigated a UHP Trust charitable fund to be set up for the Autism Service and has actually also accrued interest as we have spent so long trying to decide, along with our aDAPt group, what we should spend the money on to best enhance services for autistic patients visiting Derriford. We have now decided on a few things including the purchase of resources for sensory toolboxes for wards and departments, and I am going to rekindle an idea that I was talking about with our innovations team several years ago about the use of virtual reality, with the plan for us to buy some quality equipment to allow us to look at offering both desensitisation and distraction using Virtual reality headsets.

I am also involved in a Trust Project, along with Dementia/EOL/ LD teams to create a quiet, relaxing and sensory garden area, I am aware that you all have a keen interest in gardening and would appreciate it if you can let me know if you think that REACCH would be able to offer any suggestions or be involved in the planning of this on behalf of the Autism Service input? I am happy to arrange a virtual chat if you want to talk anything through with me.

I hope everyone is keeping well and safe,

Kind Regards,


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