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Its begining to feel alot like Christmas!

On Saturday 19th November we held a Christmas open day for the first time since 2019.

It was lovely to see everyone again and have a fun morning of music and Christmas shopping!

We had the marquee we used in June again and it meant we could all be together in one space and have all the Christmas products for sale in the same place.

Some REACCH members sang some Christmas songs, we had a refreshments table with soups, biscuits and mince pies, We sold lots of sweet treats, calendars, cards, wood goods and crafted goods.

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Cathy Grieve
Nov 23, 2022

Wow it looks like you are all moving ever onward. Some beautiful items for sale as ever. I particularly love the numbers advent calendar - wow I wonder who has been busy in the workshop making those. Please let me know if any still for sale or to order - I would love one please. I am aware that I have a calendar on order but can’t recall if I owe you anything more - if so please let me know and I will pay up. I am so very sorry to have missed your event but unfortunately I was pre- booked. Would love to catch up with you all sometime at end of term - let me know when…

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