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In a Roundabarrow wonderland!

A few weeks ago we hosted our annual friends and family Christmas get-together!

We had a lovely day together, listening to the REACCH members sing some Christmas carols, eating yummy refreshments and displaying the goods REACCH members have made this year.

REACCH members worked hard with the staff team to create wooden Christmas trees, cards and calendars, photo prints, wooden animals, tree decorations and some lino-printed bags and tea towels.

We were incredibly lucky with the weather! We had blue skies all day (it was still cold though!) and everyone had a lovely time.

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Alison Weeks
Dec 06, 2023

The day really made us feel all Christmassy! Listening to the music, buying the lovely home made gifts and keeping warm with hot drinks and snacks. Thankyou Reacch for all your hard work, Best wishes from Sarah, Alison & Roy


Delanie Lucas
Dec 05, 2023

It was lovely to see everyone xxx


Dec 05, 2023

Everything looks really good. Well done everyone!

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