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Hello from home two!

Good morning everyone! The last few days have been nice, it's sunny and I've gotten lots of work done!

This is some graffiti I saw on my walk on Friday.

On Thursday did some artwork and some business admin coursework, all of us at REACCH have a staff member checking in on us on our REACCH days to see if we need any help with work or if we're struggling and for a general chat and catch up.

On Friday Teresa and I did a practice paper through video call, before that I went for a walk with my mum and dog on the moors behind my house. it was beautiful! we looked at the old mine building up there and I got some good photos.

We made pizzas at home which were delicious I also made a Keifer, oat milk, banana and frozen fruit smoothie which was so good!

See you all here soon!

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