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Halloween at REACCH

The week before we broke up for the October half term we celebrated Halloween by taking part in various activities.

Some of us in Horseshoe Barn played 'What's in the Box'. There were two boxes, one of the staff members put items in the boxes. We then put on blindfolds and had to guess what was in the box. The items ranged from stone shapes to pompoms and we all had a lot of fun and laughs! We also wore plastic gloves so it was Covid safe!

Some of us also played spooky 'Would I Lie To You' where we told either a truth or a lie and the others had to guess whether we were telling lies or not! They were mostly spooky ones.

Some of us in Scarfield Barn played 'pin the spider on the web' whilst wearing blindfolds. One of the students carved a pumpkin and some students carved autumn leaves onto wood. Another student made Halloween themed pizzas.

There was a fancy dress competition. People dressed up as various spooky things, such as skeletons. witches but the winner was a giant inflatable dinosaur who had great difficulty fitting through the doors!

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