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How could you benefit from REACCH?


We aim to help people with autism learn life skills and employability skills so that they can reach their full potential in life.


We provide a range of academic subjects that you can choose to do if you wish to, we completely understand that academic subjects aren’t for everyone and we offer a range of subjects that are more hands on so that you can learn how to do woodwork, furniture restoration or animal care (to name a few) if you wish to. 


We also tailor your schedule to you so if there is something that you are struggling with Mary or the team will try to change it to suit you better no matter how many times they need to change it they will because they want this to be a place you can spend time and feel happy. 

"REACCH has given me the opportunity to explore different careers and helped me discover new skills"

21 Years Old
I've been at REACCH for 6 Years

"REACCH has helped me build confidence in office work and be confident in new skills, they've also helped me find work experience"

21 Years Old
I've been at REACCH for 6 Years

"REACCH has helped me get my English and Maths qualifications. They also allow me to pursue career options and create new friendships"

18 Years Old
I've been at REACCH for 3 Years

How has REACCH helped us as students?

For some of us, REACCH has helped us get into employment. For others, it's helped to build confidence, independence, social skills, patience and create new friendships.


We have break and lunch every day and they are structured in such a way that they are predictable and enjoyable and if you are having a bad day there is always somewhere to go if you need quiet.



How could REACCH help me understand my autism?


Some of us spend time every week in PD (Personal Development). We use these sessions to talk about anything we're struggling with throughout the week or to help us understand our autism better.  

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