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REACCH Member Memories

A collection of thoughts and memories from our 10 year anniversary celebration.

I am now lucky enough to work here and I love my job supporting the young people and working with other team members here.

I've loved the last five years and I look forward to many more. 


I am inspired at REACCH by the other staff members and how selfless they are. I am inspired by seeing students who have now moved on to full employability outside of REACCH as it means that REACCH is having an impact


I have had happy memories at REACCH. These include when I went camping at REACCH. Another memory I have from REACCH is all the social events at REACCH.

John H

REACCH means so much to me, I couldn't even remember what my life was like before REACCH. I've learnt so many things over these past ten years.


There is always something to do at REACCH. We have a laugh here. I have lots of friends here. If I didn't have REACCH I probably wouldn't be doing anything except being at home.

Ryan D

The people who are here make REACCH what it is. It's like a massive family and I like helping people. I never would have thought I'd be where I am now but coming here to REACCH and doing what I'm doing here now is amazing.


I like coming to REACCH because I have made lots of friends here.


This is the best job I have ever done. The staff and young people I work with teach me something new every day. I am a better person for being part of REACCH. They are like extended family.


I like coming to REACCH. When I am at home I think about sad things but when I am at REACCH I am always thinking about happy things. But I wasn't happy when I fell in the muck heap at Sophie's yard when I was doing some work experience.


I honestly can't find the words to describe how thankful I am for REACCH. It may be a little corny to say that I have always seen REACCH as my home away from home and that I see everybody who attends as a second family but that is what I believe fits my description.

Liam T

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REACCH enabled me to learn about myself, learn more about my autism as a whole and grow as a person. It's my second family, for which I am forever grateful.


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