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Hello from home!

Hiya everyone! REACCH has closed due to Covid-19 so they've asked me to keep doing the blog and tell you lovely lot what I've been up to. It also gives me something to do because I think I'm already a little stir-crazy!

This weekend I've planted seeds; courgette, tomato, carrot, spring onion, peas, runner beans and others that I can't remember... oops! We also found a birds nest in an old Christmas tree!

I've also done some artwork, I drew a sunflower because they make me smile.

It's been glorious weather which has been nice so I've spent a lot of time outside with my dog which he has LOVED!

I've also kept in touch with people from REACCH and had a nice chat with them (thank goodness for modern technology!)

Today I did some coursework and wrote this. I might do some sewing later or some more painting!

All things considered, it was quite a nice weekend! See you all soon (possibly tomorrow, this was fun!)

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