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The title of REACCH, along with the project itself, gains its inspiration from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill TEACCH Autism Program. Since the 1960s the UNC-CH TEACCH Autism Program has been providing autism expertise to children, adults and families.


The UNC-CH TEACCH Autism Program uses a structured teaching approach which believes in respecting the ‘Culture of Autism’ along with the use of clear systems and visual supports, in order to minimise difficulties and maximise the strengths, skills and interests, of people on the autism spectrum.


The REACCH project promotes the key principles and practices of the structured TEACCHing approach when working with people on the autism spectrum.


TEACCH is an evidence-based programme based on the thinking and learning styles of children and adults with autism. The approach asks professionals to adapt their approaches to maximise effectiveness.


Staff who work with the REACCH project are experienced in working across a range of ages, abilities and settings and are skilled in individualising TEACCH strategies based on a thorough understanding of autism.



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