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Social Care Assessments

A social care assessment can be requested for an adult on the autism spectrum from 18 years onwards. The social care assessment takes the form of an interview at home using a specific set of questions which establishes if an adult on the autism spectrum requires support in daily living, access to community activities to reduce social isolation or support towards possible employment programmes.

Some young people on the autism spectrum after their education funding has come to an end still require support as described above. An adult on the autism spectrum or their parent/ designated advocate can request a social care assessment by phoning or emailing their local adult social care services. 

If the social care assessment identifies that a young person or adult meets the criteria for support to be put in place, then a direct payments account is often set up for funding to be allocated into monthly. Usually a parent or designated advocate/carer will operate the account once a plan is put in place. Sometimes a young person or adult is requested to pay a manageable contribution per month into their direct payments account too so as to offset the costs required for their support. 

If you require local contact details or further information about social care assessments and funding via direct payments, please click here.

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