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Sensory- Clothing

I think every autistic person I've ever met has had some kind of issue with clothing. From itchy labels, clothes being too loose or tight, fabric too rough or soft or something just feeling wrong. Finding clothes that are comfortable and also look nice can be incredibly difficult! We've compiled a list of ideas and shops that we like.


Primark- Most of their t-shirts have printed labels in the back. Also, they are very affordable so if you find that clothes often get damaged from stemming etc it's not overly expensive to buy lots as is stockpiling. They also stock loungewear.

Supermarkets- Some Supermarkets also have printed labels and loungewear. 


  • Remove labels

  • Stick to safe/familiar brands

  • Wear socks inside out

  • Use the same laundry products each time, try fabric softener.

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