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The REACCH community want to honour the work of our local hospital at Derriford, Plymouth. During the lockdown everyone at REACCH set about sharing ideas about what to do for our local hospital and everyone contributed ideas and started work as some of our REACCH members have family members working at Derriford Hospital it was even more important for us to show we value the work done there.


To say thank you to the amazing staff at Derriford Hospital our REACCH members have pledged to do the following

  • Make bird boxes and planters for the garden at the hospital

  • Create a photograph book of local scenes together with positive quotes.

  • Write, produce, and sing a heartfelt song of thanks that could be released to raise funds for the hospital.

Reacch NHS Thank you plaque.jpg

All of these projects and others are now in production and we hope to deliver these to the hospital over the next year to show our ongoing support.

We are starting with this Just Giving Page and the release of this song. One of our REACCH members, Matthew,  wrote the wonderful words to the song as he has such a talent for the written word, whilst another of our members, Grace, created a simple and stunning melody and sings it with such raw emotion. We say at REACCH we are one team, staff, members and families and we are very proud of how well our REACCH team has got through the lockdown together and we cannot thank the NHS in general and Derriford hospital in particular, for all they have done to serve the areas we live in.

We do hope you all enjoy listening to this song and you know that your money is going directly to Derriford Hospital in Plymouth. 


With many thanks 

Mary Pittman 

Project Leader

The REACCH Project South West CIC

Thoughts from the songwriter-

I wrote the song in dedication to honour the NHS during this COVID-19 pandemic. It's times like these where we really need to join forces and focus on what's important to us and what we to be thankful for. The song was to open eyes and to let people know how thankful I am personally and how thankful the REACCH team are to our frontline workers at this time. I thought my friend Grace was an amazing choice to sing this song I think she sang beautifully and with meaning. I hope that we will all be back together soon and please stay safe. 

Thoughts from the singer-

REACCH wanted to support Derriford Hospital because we wanted to show our appreciation for all that they do for us.

I wanted to sing the song and dad wanted to play it because Derriford is our local hospital and have done a lot for our family over the years. I was born at Derriford Hospital. I was two months premature and looked after in the Neonatal Intensive care unit.

My parents, brother, grandparents and myself have all been helped by Derriford over the last 20 years we've always been amazed and grateful for their support for broken bones and bereavements.


Most of the people that attend REACCH have some connection to Derriford through family members that work there or through the treatment of themselves or relatives. We wanted our contribution to go directly to the hospital that has supported us and our area over the years.

The similarity between REACCH and the NHS is: REACCH support individuals with autism to learn how to function with autism rather than ‘cure’ it.


At first, people may not be able to manage things alone but by being at REACCH with the adequate support and understanding, have grown in confidence and ability. The NHS help people in a similar way; supporting, understanding and using their expertise to help people through their illness or help them to live with long term disabilities, illnesses or conditions.

During the current COVID-19 epidemic it's become more apparent how incredible the NHS, Derriford Hospital and all the staff are at supporting us in their local community.

This is all way of acknowledging that and showing our gratitude to you all.


Thank you! 

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