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Traditionally a mosaic is a picture that is made up of small pieces of terracotta, glass, ceramics or marble. Each REACCH mosaic is unique because it is handmade by our young people, who work both individually and or collaboratively on both standard and commissioned designs. The young people are involved in the whole design process and the construction of our mosaics which from start to finish takes a number of days. In our creations, every individual piece of tile is selected by a young person to fit into its place in the artwork. There are three stages to the production of each item, which are as follows:


  • selection and preparation of materials,

  • placing and grouting of tiles,

  • finally cleaning and polishing of the finished work of art.


The completed mosaics are sometimes framed, depending on the subject matter or purpose of the piece and can be for internal or external use or enjoyment. Many of our mosaics are very textural particularly as the pieces of ceramic or glass catch the light. In line with the ethos of REACCH the majority of the mosaics we make are made from re-used and recycled materials that have been reclaimed and donated to us. The young people that create our mosaics find the process both fulfilling and therapeutic.

Each mosaic is unique and takes days to complete. Every piece is cut individually to fit its place in the design and no grout is used. The mosaic is textural, sometimes almost 3D, and this, combined with reflective tesserae, animates the piece as it catches the light. 


We have strong concerns about modern ‘throw away’ lifestyles so our aim was to create unique and individual pieces, whilst helping to preserve the natural beauty that surrounds us. The discipline of blending both ‘cullet’ from leaded artists and new glass, along with many reclaimed sub straights fulfils both our creativity needs and our devotion to the environment.

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