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At REACCH there is a general ethos of recycling or upcycling materials wherever it is possible, and this is the same with furniture.  Family and friends very kindly donate furniture to the project that they no longer have a use for or are in need of repair. The students/trainees will choose a piece, plan a design, make repairs where necessary and then begin the restoration.  

All students/trainees are encouraged to instil their own personal design on a piece of furniture.  Some like retro designs others more rustic or traditional.  They are taught to use different methods for the preparation of the pieces, whether that is through hand sanding or machine sanding.  All students/trainees have been taught that good preparation will mean a more professional finish.  

Finishes can be natural wood, painted, crackle glazed, varnished or waxed.  Often the students/trainees get great satisfaction from seeing an old and worn piece of furniture restored to something beautiful again.

To help students/trainees work to their full potential in this area we have designated work pods, where they can keep their own tools and equipment.  In the Furniture workshop, all items are labelled with words and pictures to enable all students to be independent when collecting what they may need.  

When students/trainees begin furniture restoration they are taught initially with small items to build their confidence with the preparation of repairs, sanding and finishes.

Also family and friends have commissioned the students/trainees to restore pieces of furniture that they wish to keep.  

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