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Cards and Photography

Handmade Cards

Students at REACCH have worked on a variety of different designs to make good quality, fun and decorative cards suitable for all occasions.


Framed Photographs

REACCH photography students have taken photos around the farm and the Tamar Valley. They have used their photographic skills to take and edit their images in a professional way and some have been on display in an exhibition at the Tamar Valley Centre.


Photography Cards

All photography cards have been taken by photography students at REACCH. They have used either the REACCH camera or their own camera and have uploaded and printed out the photos themselves.


Photography Christmas Cards

Photography students at REACCH have thought of fun situations to take photographs of Santa Claus each Christmas. One of our young people enjoys dressing up as Santa! The students upload their images and print them out at the project to make Christmas cards which we sell at our Christmas Fair.

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